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Bar From afar presents

Head Office's Daily Bistro

Nestled within our vibrant coworking space, our daily bistro is a culinary haven, offering a diverse menu designed to cater to the discerning tastes of our hardworking members. 

Complement your meal with our wide array of beverages, including freshly brewed coffee, herbal teas, and an assortment of refreshing juices and pops. 

We’ve created a bistro that not only nurtures your productivity but also satisfies your culinary desires. So, whether you’re seeking a quick breakfast, a leisurely lunch, or just a pick-me-up, our daily bistro within the coworking space has something to please every palate, ensuring that you work and dine with satisfaction.


Enjoy our communal Kitchen As Your Own

Our coworking space recognizes the importance of providing not just a place to work but also a comfortable and convenient environment for our members. Our communal kitchen is a testament to this commitment. It serves as a welcoming oasis for those who prefer to bring their lunch from home. The heart of this kitchen is our generously-sized fridge, offering ample space for members to store their homemade meals, keeping them fresh and easily accessible. Alongside the fridge, we have a microwave, toaster, and an oven, enabling members to warm up or toast their food to perfection.

Our two spacious sinks are designed to accommodate the needs of a bustling community, making it a breeze to clean up after a satisfying meal. The dishwasher further simplifies the post-lunch cleanup, allowing members to return to their work with ease. Additionally, we’ve provided plenty of cupboard space, where members can leave their favorite coffee mugs or any personal kitchenware, making it feel like an extension of their home.

Rack Them Up!

It's Not All About Work

Our coworking space is not just about work; it’s a hub for relaxation and camaraderie too. In the main area, we’ve set up a pool table, dart board, and foosball table for those who love to unwind with some friendly competition. Feel free to stay after work hours and let your competitive spirit run wild. For those who prefer a different kind of break, we offer a treadmill with a desk attachment, so you can jog while you work. And when it’s time to truly unwind, there’s a hanging lounge chair, the perfect spot to kick your feet up and let your mind wander. We’re more than a workspace; we’re a community that understands the importance of balance and well-being.

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