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At Head Office Ottawa, we understand that successful boardroom meetings require not just a conducive environment but also delicious refreshments. That’s why we offer a diverse catering menu tailored to enhance your boardroom rentals. Whether it’s a morning brainstorming session or an all-day strategy meeting, our menu has you covered.

Please note that orders for catering must be placed in advance to ensure a seamless dining experience during your meeting. We take pride in providing high-quality ingredients and exceptional service to make your boardroom rental truly special. In the event that orders are not placed ahead of time, guests are welcome to visit our main bistro for a wide range of menu options.

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Our Boardrooms

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Catalina Wine Mixer $50/Hour

Introducing the Catalina Wine Mixer boardroom, a place where collaboration takes center stage. This unique meeting space accommodates up to 6 guests and offers a private, enclosed setting for your team’s convenience.


  • Whiteboard: Encourage brainstorming and visualize ideas on our spacious whiteboard.
  • TV with USB Plug-ins: Simplify presentations with our high-tech TV equipped with USB plug-ins for seamless connectivity.
  • Private Enclosure: Enjoy a focused environment for discussions, strategy sessions, and teamwork.

Unleash your team’s creativity, dive into productive collaborations, and elevate your meetings at the Catalina Wine Mixer boardroom in Ottawa. Book your unique experience today!

boardroom rentals in Ottawa

The Wexford Suite $50/Hour

Welcome to the “Wexford Suite” boardroom, a space where your meetings are illuminated by the beauty of natural light. This room is designed to comfortably accommodate up to 9 guests and boasts an open ceiling design that floods the room with an abundance of daylight, creating an inspiring atmosphere.


  • Whiteboard: Stimulate collaboration and productivity with a generously-sized whiteboard.

  • TV with USB Plug-ins: Simplify presentations with a modern TV equipped with USB plug-ins for easy connectivity.

  • Open Ceiling Design: Experience the benefits of ample natural light, fostering a refreshing and invigorating ambiance.

Whether you’re organizing a strategy meeting, brainstorming session, or client presentation, the “Wexford Suite” boardroom in Ottawa offers an ideal setting for your ideas to flourish. Reserve this bright and airy space today to elevate your meetings with the power of natural light.

boardroom rentals in Ottawa

Sneaky Pete’s $95/Hour

Welcome to the “Sneaky Pete’s” boardroom, where your business meetings are conducted with an air of elegance and a touch of secrecy. This exclusive and private meeting space is designed for up to 10 guests, providing a separate and discreet setting away from the main area.


  • Whiteboard: Encourage collaboration and brainstorming on our modern whiteboard.

  • TV with USB Plug-ins: Simplify presentations with a state-of-the-art TV equipped with USB plug-ins.

  • Speakeasy Ambiance: Enjoy the ambiance of a speakeasy, making it a unique and convenient choice for guests who wish to combine a cocktail with their meeting.

Whether you’re hosting a corporate strategy session, a creative brainstorming session, or a client presentation, “Sneaky Pete’s” boardroom in Ottawa offers an elegant and private space where business discussions can thrive with a touch of sophistication. Reserve this exclusive haven today and add a touch of intrigue to your meetings!

boardroom rentals in Ottawa

The Georgian Suite $199/Hour

Welcome to the “Georgian Suite,” where elegance and collaboration seamlessly blend. This generously sized, open-concept meeting room can comfortably accommodate gatherings of up to 25 guests, providing ample space for your large group.


  • Whiteboard: Foster creativity and teamwork with a sizable whiteboard for brainstorming and idea sharing.

  • TV with USB Plug-ins: Enhance your presentations with a modern TV equipped with USB plug-ins for easy connectivity.

  • Open-Concept Design: Enjoy the freedom of a roomy environment designed to accommodate your large group comfortably.

Whether you’re organizing a company-wide meeting, hosting a conference, or conducting a workshop, the “Georgian Suite” boardroom in Ottawa offers an elegant and spacious setting where collaboration thrives. Reserve this accommodating space today and experience the ease of productive gatherings!

boardroom rentals in Ottawa

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